Frequently Asked Questions

Is Big Creek accessible from major airports?
Big Creek Waterfowl Club is accessible from the Memphis, TN or Little Rock, Arkansas airports.

Is it best to get to Big Creek using Google Maps/Maps on my phone or GPS in my car?
DO NOT use Google Maps/Maps on your phone or a GPS to get to Big Creek once you make it to Hwy 78. Doing so will send you on county roads that are not paved, go thru private property, and there is an excellent chance you will get stuck or meet an angry landowner! PLEASE print out the instructions off of this website to get to the lodge!

Can Airport pick-up arrangements be made through Big Creek Waterfowl Club?
Yes, if needed, we can make all arrangements for your group’s pick-up and departure

Does the lodge have all the conveniences of home?
Yes, we have comfortable lodging, showers (city water), den area with large fireplace, big screen satellite TV, and a large covered outside deck.

Are meals included in the rates?
Yes, we provide two full meals per day. Coffee and juice, is provided at the lodge in the morning before the hunt. After the hunt, we will have a full buffet brunch breakfast mid-morning at the lodge located directly on the hunting area. We will also have a southern style dinner at the main lodge starting around 6:30 in the evening. Typical evening meals may include prime steaks, grilled chicken, and always will have ducks and geese cooked up! Additionally, special arrangements can be made for meals upon request.

What type of shotgun is recommended along with the shot size?
Most guest’s use a 12-gauge , 3 or 3 ½ inch shotgun, with either # 1’s, 2’s, or 3’s. Remember, steel or non-toxic shot only. 10- gauge shotguns are also very popular for goose hunting where we recommend using either 2’s or BB shot. Ammunition should be brought or shipped to the lodge in advance of your trip. Additionally, ammunition can sometimes be purchased in nearby Forrest City or Brinkley, while supplies last.

We booked a trip with Big Creek and we have had individual(s) cancel within our group, how is that handled?
Unfortunately, our waterfowl season is only 60 days long and when you book a trip and it is confirmed by your hunting party’s deposit, confirmed and received by Big Creek, your group is obligated to that total booking amount. For example, if you book a trip with us and your party has 4 hunters, we confirm your trip with the required 50% deposit, and you have a cancellation with your group, the total that was booked (financially) does not change. for a more clear example, think of it like booking a fishing charter and the boat cost $2,000.00 for the trip and you have 4 fishermen in your group. If one of the anglers backs out the cost of the trip is still the same. This is the case with Big Creek as well. We don’t over hunt our property and we only book a limited amount of trips and therefore we depend on those bookings. Any changes to this policy must be approved and done so in writing by Big Creek in our sole and absolute discretion.

Is Bird processing available?
After the hunt, all birds have to be legally tagged by each hunter, assisted by your guide, and are placed in our cooler. There are processors in the area that we can assist in getting your birds to for processing. The cost for processing is the responsibility of the hunter and is paid directly to the processor when you pick them up. Additionally, clients are responsible for taking with them whatever birds they harvest, regardless of whether they want to take them back home with them or not. Handling of harvested migratory birds is the responsibility of the individual hunter, and we encourage you to refer to all the regulations for harvest and transporting migratory birds. More information can be found on the State of Arkansas website: WWW.AGFC.COM, as well as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Website at: WWW.FWS.GOV. Big Creek is not set up to arrange for shipping birds for clients as we simply do not have the means to do so as we are located in a rural area and don’t have the facilities locally to do so.

I have both chest and hip waders, should I bring both?
The vast majority of the time you would only need hip waders. However, we recommend chest waders to accommodate all types of hunting that may take place.

I don’t get around like I used too, or I have special physical limitations, can I still hunt with you?
Absolutely! Depending on your specific needs, we have a wide variety of excellent hunting opportunity for those that are physically challenged. It is my personal commitment to make every accommodation possible for anyone, young and old, that enjoys the great outdoors!

Does Big Creek Waterfowl Club guarantee me limits of Ducks and Geese?
No, and if anyone tries to, go somewhere else. Successful Waterfowl hunting is a combination of several very critical elements all coming together to create the desired outcome. We have taken ever measure practically possible to maximize those critical elements that we can control, which are: water, habitat, food, rest areas, and limited hunting pressure. Weather (here and further up north) have a dramatic impact on our population of Ducks and Geese in the area and which we have no control. What we do guarantee is a first class experience, excellent habitat, and blinds to optimize your success rate.

Can I bring my own dog?
We encourage hunters to bring their own dogs if they are properly trained. Clients are responsible for bringing your own individual dog crate and you should plan on bringing enough food for your dogs stay. Dogs are not allowed in any of the lodges.

Are Women and Children welcome?

What if my spouse or companion does not hunt but wants to join me?
Non-hunting guests staying in the same room can be accommodated and will be charged a $50.00 guest fee per day that includes food and drink.

Does Big Creek Staff and guides expect to receive tips?
Tipping is always at the discretion of our guests. Our staff and guides work very hard to accommodate our hunters and guests,  and while not a requirement, tips are always welcome for the level of service received.

How much does a guide and staff typically received in tips for a hunt?
Our guides typically receive anywhere between $25.00 – $50.00 per hunter per day for each day/hunt they guide you. Our staff typically receives between $25.00 – $50.00 per guest at departure at the end of one’s trip.

Are taxes included in the rates?
no, the rates on the website are before taxes and are subject to changes in the tax rate by the State of Arkansas.

What are the rates for hunts only, no meals or lodging?
Meals and lodging run $25.00 a day each or a total of $50 per day, so it would be the published rates minus $50.00

Liability Waiver Forms
Each adult hunter must execute our standard liability release form before you are allowed into the field. These forms will be made available to you at the lodge upon your arrival. We will be more than happy to send you our standard form at anytime in advance, just let us know.